“We just wanted to experiment with the idea

of experiencing the marvels of exploring.”

Xplorience began as an idea to delve into the travelling scene of India, and explore destinations with a different perspective.

We believe that as much as facts, a location is also made up of stories and experiences. And therefore, we concentrate on uncovering the floating information about a destination instead of giving our audience the same old facts about our chosen destination.

The stories form a basic part of your travelling experience; and today as the whole travelling scene is changing, and travel is slowly becoming more experience based, instead of being done for the purpose of putting a tick across your travel check list, we believe in creating a platform that’ll cater to the needs of an audience that is increasingly becoming inclined towards an offbeat travel experience.

Here at Xplorience, we work towards collaborating with online influencers, and artists, and send them on our exploration trips, where we collect data based on their individual experiences. We ensure that these people going to a destination come from different walks of life, thus producing a wide array of content, based on different perspectives.

In turn while we create a platform for these offbeat stories and experiences to reach a wider audience, we are also influencing the general public to take a step into offbeat, by showing that it’s attainable.