Celebrating Eid in Kashmir

Celebrating Eid in Kashmir

Festivals are special. They are occasions to be spent with family. Eating, laughing, hugging! For us, the blessed ones had an absolute delight spending our Eid in Kashmir this year. So, the Eid-e-Kashmir was celebrated at Firdaus Jee’s home, here in the village called Aho Pisan near Chatpal. Decked up in beautiful phirens and pathani suits we left for our destination. With open arms he welcomed us Xplorians into his gorgeous home where his mom greeted us with the grandest of hugs and cutest kisses ever. I felt emotional, I felt something in my stomach churning, I felt at home.


We all settled down to be greeted by other members of his beautiful family.Khalajaan bought a beautiful vessel where in our hands were washed and i ventured into the kitchen to have my first hand sniff of the decadent meal that was soon to disappear!Two of us spread the beautiful dastarqhuan(a cloth spread on which meal is served) to put down an array of vegetarian & non vegetarian fanfare.


The non-vegetarians feasted on mutton yakhni, chicken curry, mutton curry & the blessed vegetarians had beans vegetable, carrots with Kashmiri spices, cottage cheese curry, curd, rice, rotis & a green salad.



The next half an hour was chomp chomp and not for a second did anyone lift their eyes! I loved each dish and can’t pick my favourite but the love with which they saw us was my favourite part of the meal.



Ah! what a meal. I relished each morsel, each bite and savored till the last helping, till the last bit. Home cooked food is so beautiful, it is so soulful and each bite has so much love.


The entire meal was prepared by the lady of the house, mother of the home. The mother who loved us, who embodied us with her love. After the glorious meal we were taken for a walk in the apple orchards. We were excited as children posed under the apple trees and came back home.


They weren’t finished yet with showering love on us, making us wear hijabs and hugging us the tea was served. It wasn’t just tea. Presented to us was an assortment of Kashmiri rotis, cakes, savoury twistiers and cookies. Chatting with us like family we laughed, chuckled and captured memories on our cameras.

Festivals are about love, about sharing and about love. Eid 2015 is etched in our heart like no other Eid, like no other festival. It’s amazing how one feels belonged and thanks the almighty for the showering of love on us, the crazy silly young travelers who are on a journey of a lifetime.

With heavy hearts we bid goodbye and hugged for the last time and promised to return, promised to come and be nestled in our mother’s heart, her home, our home.

Astha Mittal

Astha is an artist who loves to colour her life with hues of travel,cooking and loving each moment. She has a huge never ending love for life and believes in living each moment to its fullest. Having backpacked most of India from the mountains to the hidden villages of this beautiful country.

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  1. Hi Astha, thanks for your kind praises. Going through your writing was really wonderful and yes you guys are still discussed there at Aho. Muma always pray for your wellbeing and others do talk about your dressing and beauty. Do come again. I wish again xplorience and its wonderful team gud luck for their upcoming assignments. Cheers.

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