What is Xplorience?

We think travel is changing, and it’s about time it changed. It’s about time we stopped visiting places according to just guide books, and then putting a tick across another sightseeing spot. Clicking a picture standing in front of another beautiful building isn’t what travelling is.

This movement has been long coming, and now that it’s here, it’s about time we changed the way we travel too, because rest of the world has already changed it. What was sold in the name of a unique experience long back is now polluted, the offbeat is mainstream and mainstream is being over-exploited

So where does that leave a traveller?

This is what we will be doing at Xplorience, researching and then presenting in front of the world, the new age of travelling. It’s a platform for like minded people to come together and present stories, experiences and everything that is unique about travelling.

We believe it’s about time.

Who shares these stories?

A very special group of travellers whom we call Xplorians. These Xplorians do not travel, but explore a place – from its food, to hidden lakes and rivers, to stories of the people, arts and crafts of the place and its overall feel. These explorations are, what our Xplorians believe everyone should experience.

Can I become an Xplorian?

We can only be happier, when more and more people want to be a part of our Xplorience community. If you think you have that uniqueness that we are looking in our Xplorians, then please click here to know more.

How can I use Xplorience for my travels?

Some travel only for a getaway to relaxation, some prefer to travel for the stories and some go impromptu. Whatever it may be, that you seek from your travel, we can assure you that Xplorience would be there for your rescue.

Whatever your reason for travelling is, we are your “Know-it-all”, for any place that your visiting. So all you had to do is, hit up on our website and start weaving your next perfect travel.

How is Xplorience different from other travel blogs or sites?

How many sites showcase the stories and everything hidden for each and every place? We do not recommend the travel spots, must eat foods or places, as the Internet is already full of such information. But we reveal much more than just the tourist spots, we bring a story from each and every place, that would only inspire you to travel to that place- no matter if it is a tiny village in Kashmir or an unknown festival amidst the beaches and the valleys.