In their own words: Thoughts before leaving Part 1

In their own words: Thoughts before leaving Part 1

Before we began with our Project X journey and reached the first destination in Kashmir, a different journey had already began inside the minds of Xplorians.

They were going through a host of emotions; while for some it was a dream coming true, on the other hand for others it was all about coming at terms with a dream they never dreamt about. 

Everyone had a different thought stream, as we slowly neared Chatpal, and here’s what our Xplorians were thinking at the beginning of the journey.

On the road....yet again!

Astha Mittal – Dreams. Dreams do come true. My love for travel is humongous. To see new things, to meet new people & to eat new things! Xplorience gave me and nine other gems to be a part of a memorable trip to the interiors of Kashmir & Ladakh for a month. Each person is an expert in his or her field ranging from videography, photography to astronomy. With our bags packed, we all met at the New Delhi railway station to take a train journey that was to change our lives forever.


Rashi Kalra – Three days ago I had to make a hard choice between my career and my dream. I was sitting in front of my laptop and staring at the screen blankly. I was very happy with my work, my colleagues, and my boss. I had a perfectly satisfying job. Do I really want to risk all that for a road trip, I wondered. After all it’s just a road trip to the Himalayas, for just one month, with a bunch of like-minded people. Sure I’ll get an opportunity like this again. Do I really want to do this? I certainly wish to… No, I have to do this. So, I did.


Sakshi Bharwani – A pool of talented people travelling together to unknown places to bring out the untold stories and see unexplored places. Nothing gets better than spending time with strangers and getting to know them a little better each day. Our journey has started just like that!

The whole thought of being away from phone – (no network so no option anyway) was dreadful yet again!

It’s strange how you manage to stay away from home, enjoy everything around and still have this feeling of missing out on so much more.


Tapshi Dhanda – “I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to do this.
Not entirely.

I want to be back in places and arms of people who feel familiar, who feel like home. I don’t want to be in this train, headed for this month long trip with nine other very interesting people I’ve never met. I don’t really want to do this, and yet I know a part of me said yes for this. The part that’s been holding my sabbatical thing by the reign for the past two years, assuming its sole responsibility to be to get me out of my comfort zone.

Good job Tapshi. Good job.

Errr…now let’s do this? Now that you are in this train headed for this month long trip, let’s do this?”


Those were my thoughts on 14th, when we started our train journey from Delhi to Jammu.

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