In their own words: Thoughts before leaving – Part 2

In their own words: Thoughts before leaving – Part 2

It wasn’t about the journey; the journey was supposed to happen, but it was how we prepared ourselves for the trip. The excitement, the nervousness, the last minute preparations, all that is a story of its own.

For we believe, a journey always starts inside our heads first before it begins in reality. We were already travelling through our thoughts, even before we boarded the train to Jammu & Kashmir.


Abhinav Chandel –  I wasn’t numbed down by all the pre-trip preparations, and it didn’t hit me until we were supposed to leave for the station, to depart for Jammu by train.

I asked everyone else to leave by car, and took metro myself. I wanted to walk alone to the railway station, I tried to not be nervous before the trip.

But I was nervous, as I walked through the crowd, stood amongst the crowd, pushed through the crowd, I entered the different coach, I walked through the coach, I walked and walked, only so I could calm myself down before I saw the other nine Xplorians sitting in the coach. And when I reached there, I kept down my bags and walked till the locomotive that was hauling our train.

I walked past the whole train, and waited for the train to start. Then I got in the first coach, and walked through the whole train to reach the coach we were sitting in, and sat down staring at everyone’s smiling face.

I was restless. I have been a dreamer, but it was one of those moments when your dreams come true. It was all surreal, the train moved but for me I was still sitting staring at the mountains back at my place in Mcleodganj, still drawing strategies on the paper, still trying to work things out.

Right now, in my head I am still moving through the layers while I sit by the window and watch reality pass me by along with these cities and towns we cross on our way to Kashmir.

It has all begun. Xplorience has begun. And so has my dream.


Rishabh Jain – Last night was sleepless and I woke up early in the morning. I was to embark on my dream vacation.

It is still unbelievable that I will be on a month long haul. I had to pack so many things. The equipment is taking up most of the space and I have a hard time deciding what should I leave behind.

The telescope had to go on this journey and everything became a second priority.

So there it is. A bag full of goodies. All my prized equipment in one bag.

A month long trip to destinations I have never been to. I don’t know what to expect but adventure.


Gurveer Singh – I have only two passions in my life: one is to travel and the other one is to sing. Never wanted to become an engineer or a doctor though I did three years doing mechanical engineering. But thats a different story on its own.

When Abhinav first told me about this project, I was very much convinced with the idea, and agreed on joining in. Abhinav and I went to Delhi earlier than any of the other Xplorians, and the only thought in my mind was that finally this is the chance, which I have been looking for all these years.

This is the direction I wanted, and meeting the other Xplorians is a story for later. So, for now all I’d say is that life is too short to stay at one place. There’s a limited number of hours everyday to do what one wants, to go where one wants and to be what one really wants to be. And this was the moment for me, when I truly lived all those hours given to me.

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